The very rare pine driftwood Apple knot.

The driftwood apple is a very rare find of a knot of a Pine tree that is shaped, like an apple.  

Many years ago, there lived a very tall, majestic, Virginia Pine tree on the bank of the Roanoke River.  The river flowed from its source at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, slowly through the ancient and beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

                Though this winding river flowed through some of the most beautiful land in the country, the river was prone to violent flooding from time to time, eroding and washing away the banks of the river more and more each time.

                As time progressed, countless trees fell victims to this flooding and erosion.  Thought it was a sad time for the trees, they eventually, over many decades of tumbling in the river, they become beautiful driftwood.

                One day when the floods came the very tall, majestic, Virginia Pine tree knew his time as a proud, towering, giant was over and that he would soon topple over into the river, just like his ancestors before him.  However, the big ol’ pine tree was not sad.  Deep down inside he knew that even though the wood of a pine tree is somewhat “softer” than the hardwoods such as Oak and Hickory- he KNEW that somewhere inside that there was a part of him that would someday become beautiful driftwood.